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  • What is the benefit to outsourcing our Human Resource function?
    A lot of small to mid-sized organizations usually have somebody who is grandfathered into an HR role. Typically this person has many other duties and wears “multiple hats”, in some cases HR duties will fall on owners and executives of these size firms. HR Consulting may be a cost effective resource to make sure you're staying in compliance, keeping constant communication with employees, management and executives and give you the ability to carry out common and practice HR processes and solutions. Most importantly it offers your organization consistency in these policies and procedures that reduces your liability, improves culture/moral and overall communication inside your organization. We give you the opportunity to free yourself and other staff from the administrative burden that HR will pose to those that are better suited to, what they were hired to do, and focusing on their main tasks to assist the organization in the way they were meant to.
  • What areas of compliance should I be most concerned about today?
    The #1 concern right now is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it impacts your business for 2020 and beyond. Changes are occurring nearly daily at the state and federal level in terms of unemployment benefits, healthy but fearful workers, sick workers, and staying informed on the various new programs. FMLA and Family Leave laws are all impacted and you need to be certain your programs are up to date and communicated properly to your staff. Outside of the pandemic, worker File and Retention compliance, changing benefit administration avenues and best practice initiatives to retain employees are all areas of high interest.
  • What should be kept in an Employee file and you should have access?
    Employee performance reviews, disciplinary and training records, their initial application and new hire documents that are shared with them. Access should be confidential and kept on a “need to know” basis. Medical data shouldn't be enclosed within the employee file.
  • Why should I use AimTek?
    We are an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Human Resources team. With over seventy five years of combined HR expertise we've got the depth and knowledge to partner with your management team and staff as a resource. We have created HR departments in several organizations that are true strategic business partners.
  • Why should I use AimTek instead of my usual “Temp to Perm” arrangement with a local staffing agency?
    Temp to perm arrangements typically target the out of work who are willing to work for a very low rate. when you do find someone worth keeping – there's usually a major markup that has to be paid and a preset contract length before you can hire them directly. We hire directly for you and market your organization and all the great reasons to come back to work for you — and you only pay for our “time” spent recruiting quality candidates. We write your ads, pre-screen candidates and then present the best ones for you to choose from. There's no “trial period” or “contract fee” for our services, everything is based on time and materials to find that candidate. Our vested interest in being the HR partner to your organization helps us create the right technical and cultural choice for your hiring decisions.
  • How do we improve turnover rate?
    Hire the right people, provide them the tools they need to do their job and make them feel appreciated and valued. Communication is critical. Increasing employee benefits can make a huge difference, though employees don't leave just for money —- they leave as a result of not feeling engaged or respected. Money can be the tip of the iceberg but there are plenty of reasons that lead up to compensation being insufficient.


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