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In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations must continually assess their ability to fulfill their mission. Precise classification is critical for accurate position descriptions, which form the foundation of your employees’ work. Position descriptions should evolve with technologies, missions, and responsibilities. But too often, they aren’t updated because organizations lack the specialized resources and technical expertise to classify positions. We have the position classification professionals who can assist you in reviewing existing resources and processes to align your position management with your mission. 

Understanding Your Resources


Job classification done right means ACCURATE, COMPLIANT, and DEFENSIBLE

Understand position pay plans, titles, series, grade levels, position sensitivities, and each position’s competitive level within the agency’s mission.


Identify qualifications for the job and the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the work, including any security clearance or physical requirements.


Understand the position’s responsibilities, critical performance elements, and work plans to set goals and evaluate performance accurately.

Performance Appraisals

Identify areas where training can align skills to job requirements and improve employees’ abilities to deliver mission outcomes.


Your organization has a unique workforce and specialized needs, which is why we use a consultative approach to understand your work and requirements fully. Our Federal experts provide an unmatched scope of services, including creating new position descriptions; reviewing and updating existing descriptions; conducting desk audits; recommending titles, series, and grades; analyzing organizational charts; and assessing supervisor-to-employee ratios. As a neutral third party, our solutions are:


  • Accurate: Develop position descriptions that capture primary duties for positions and facilitate specific task requirements.


  • Compliant: Make certain your position documents reflect your requirements while keeping you compliant with all applicable guidelines and standards, including those you may not know exist.


  • Defensible: Verify accuracy and make appropriate determinations for cybersecurity codes, position sensitivities, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.


As a part of OPM, we are uniquely positioned to address questions and complexities, giving you complete confidence in the accuracy, compliance, and defensibility of your position descriptions.

How AimTek Can Help

Support for Mission-Aligned Hiring and Restructuring

Accurate position classification enables your senior leaders and frontline managers to align their employees’ skills to evolving mission needs as part of the modernization process. This alignment requires agile workforce management, including reorganizing and reskilling existing employees. Position classification informs organization design, workforce and succession planning, performance management, and employee development.

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