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Recruiting, HR, and Business Leaders frequently inform us that they choose AimTek Consulting because we’re distinctive from other experts or training companies in an amazing way.  And we’re so lucky to have constructed a huge organization of supportive, complimentary Talent Acquisition and HR leaders who've introduced us to so many remarkable companies.  Mostly because we assist them deliver better speed, quality, diversity, and candidate experience.  But also because of the way we work.


Why should you choose AimTek?

Our consultants and trainers have the confidence and humility that come from being recruiting leaders at global, complex corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, T-Mobile, KPMG, Marriott, and Starbucks. As practitioners, we recognize the demanding situations of running a recruitment function, and understand how essential it is – to you and us – that we recognize your world before we jump in to help. One size does not fit all.  And our successes – and, frankly, our missteps – in corporate recruiting make us greater, more powerful and pragmatic than most traditional consultants.  If you’re in search of academics with a robust Ph.D. research team, we’re not a match for your needs. If you need a partner who knows how to raise the bar on who you hire and how you hire – in the real world – give us a shot.

We’re real-world practitioners

We’ve been consumers of services like ours, and have attempted to juggle many competing priorities whilst engaged with consultants. So, we make certain that engaging with us is easy. Our proposals comprise of clean deliverables and role expectations, so that we both know how to make our relationship and project a success and avoid surprises. We know how to best leverage your limited time, and by no means waste it. And, because we adore what we do and are normally involved in projects that make your life easier (not harder), our clients commonly revel in working with us.  Many of our clients hire us multiple times and take us with them to new businesses once they change jobs.  And many grow to be lifelong colleagues and friends.

We’re easy to work with

How often has a PowerPoint deck or strategy presentation changed everything?  Zero.  It’s changed everything zero times :).  Seriously, training, approach, procedure work – all a means to an end.  And none of it's going to make the impact you want it to make – on speed, quality, diversity, or candidate experience – if you don’t have a sturdy plan for driving adoption when you go to deploy your high-quality practice.  We get this.  We’ve lived this.  For example, post-training, we’ll partner with your TA leadership team to speak through how you change behaviors and make the lessons learned “stick,” so you have an accountability plan and mechanisms in place to get the ROI you want.

We know how to drive adoption

We concentrate on your needs and work backward to identify, construct, and deploy the strategies, processes, training, and tools that align together along with your goals and fit your culture and budget. We don’t come into a brand new project conversation with a pre-constructed solution locked in place, as we all recognize one size does not fit all. If it’s really well worth your money and time to engage a 3rd party to assist you, the end product should be customized to your needs.  For example, when you hire us to construct training, we leverage real-world situations that come directly from our focus groups, so that your recruiters or hiring managers work on hyper-relevant problems and opportunities, and walk away ready to implement what they learn.

We customize our work to meet your needs

Since 2020, we’ve been hired and trusted by loads of leading companies around the world in a wide variety of industries, from tech leaders like Google, Amazon, Salesforce, and Uber, to multi-nationals like Nestle, Disney, and PepsiCo, to retailers like Target, Starbucks, IKEA, and Sephora, to financial service firms like BNY Mellon, Bloomberg, PNC Bank, and Edward Jones. And we’re re-hired and referred frequently because we deliver what the client needs, consistently.

We have a great track record

Our advertising strategy is simple: Do exquisite work and get referred.  We’re not salesy or pushy – we don’t have a sales team, we don’t have a quota to meet, and we don’t try to be all things to all people (we frequently recommend other partners for you if they’re a better match).  When you engage with us, you work directly with a senior person on our team – normally the person that scopes the work with you as the leader of the work, so that you don’t risk the disconnects that can come from sales people who over-promise.

We don’t have a sales team


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