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We’ve built relationships powered by technology, and passionate about connecting the proper people and businesses to transform work for the better—and help everybody develop and succeed. Our people, our technology, our vetting process, and our dedication to service make us the go-to for marketing, creative, and design talent. So if you want to work with us, reach out.


Who is AimTek?

Business priorities can change in a flash. Thus we believe the power of a flexible workforce—the extended workforce, temporary talent, freelancers, and contractors—to help organizations be more nimble. When it comes to talent, we also believe work doesn’t have to be about the four walls of an office, a 9 to 5 schedule, or a conventional career path.


Your career. Your call. we believe talent should be in the driver’s seat of their careers, equipped with the tools, skills, and autonomy to make the careers they want. At the same time, they shouldn’t have to go it alone when it involves job searching and career decisions—they deserve a partner to educate them along the way.

Empowering Talent

It’s clear. A diverse place of business gets better results for organizations and skills. Creating an inclusive environment—one which values different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives—is crucial to everyone’s growth and success. Amazing benefits—for all. We believe talent must be on the same playing field as traditional employees, particularly in relation to worker benefits. That means things like comprehensive health insurance, paid sick leave, retirement plans, and more.

Inclusivity & Equality

Our Values

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